Okay, let’s not make this Monday harder than it needs to be. After a weekend on your own clock, enter back into the week with a head-to-toe tonal outfit where pre-coffee morning decisions are easiest. How we did it: a navy basic top paired with our favorite go-to, the wide legged trouser.

Transitional dressing - Thursday


How’s a rock ‘n roll girl with a 9 to 5 do with office apropos, you ask? Answer: Luxe. Execution: Suede. Consider inserting leather’s cousin into the equation to elevate your (I’d rather be at a festival) look. How we did it: suede leather moto-jacket, long cotton tunic, washed grey jeans, and rocker studded boots with a kitten heel.

Transitional dressing - Tuesday


WEDNESDAY: It’s all about layering

We’ve all heard this before — plenty of times, in fact — but as so many mothers have told so many daughters, transitional dressing really is all about layering. How we did it: the essential crewneck sweater over a lace top for an unexpected pop of feminine at the sleeve. Navy skirt and combat boots — done and done.

Transitional dressing - Wednesday


Thursday: Is it Friday yet?

That blazer or jacket you planned to wear out for cocktails come Saturday night… introduce it to your favorite workwear essentials. You may not be sipping a pinot noir, but you are definitely one step closer to proper weekend vibes. How we did it: Paired our favorite shiny bomber over a white tee and perfectly tailored trousers.

Transitional dressing - Monday


 FRIDAY: All in the Details

Going into the weekend, give the office something to remember you by come Monday. Go for the statement items that’ll keep everyone’s pulse alive. How we did it: sleeves with bows paired with an A-line leather skirt with button details.

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