One sophisticated lady

The camel coat wearing girl is sensible and level-headed. She knows that shopping for a coat mid-winter is a bad idea – just like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach – you’ll likely lose your cool and end up in an unfortunate, what-was-I-thinking-situation. So, she plans seasons ahead. She invests. She picks out a timeless, sophisticated classic to elevate her fall wardrobe this year – and years to come. Leave it to the camel coater to master the effortlessly luxe look and make a well-thought-out, fall-proof choice.Coat

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The all-around cool girl

Look out Tove Lo, she’s coming through: the statement maker! She thrives off of trends, doesn’t shy away from bold colors, and firmly believes Olivia Palermo can do no wrong.  While fall-weather may be a drag – her seasonal cover-up doesn’t have to be! The statement coat keep’s her warm and looking cool all season long.


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The “I hate being cold” Puffer

When it comes to cold-weather dressing, the girl who sits on the chilly side is granted a bang-on-trend winter warrior. Typecast as merely a practical essential for far too long, the puffer jacket is finally enjoying some time in the sartorial spotlight, combining every day utility and street style appeal. As temperatures drop, our winter warrior knows that what she needs now is a coat equipped to keep her warm – and looking cool. In that perfect puffer she’s ready for on-foot commutes, snow fights and down-town shopping sprees any and all days of the season.


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Peacoat poised

The girl that opts for the peacoat is looking for something clean, timeless, and above all composed. She appreciates a straight forward, subtle approach and the classic peacoat is no exception. She is a well-dressed working girl in need of office appropriate outerwear attire, but don’t let those words scare you! ‘Office appropriate’ doesn’t have to mean boring. The peacoat person knows how to take that Monday through Friday outerwear and add a touch of sensual sophistication for evenings out and about. Case in point. Coat

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the wonder woman

That friend that opts for a feminine touch in her outerwear, proving confidence in her womanhood is nothing less than the alternative. She’s the boss in getting the job done. She’s the shoulder we all cry on (water proof mascara required). She’s the only one who can wear white while balancing a plate of spaghetti and a full inbox of to-do’s. Basically, we’re convinced we caught a glimpse of a Wonder Woman onesie underneath that woolen wonder of a coat.


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