“We are always excited to bring our universe into somewhere unseen. Tenerife is a popular vacation destination, but pulling yourself away from the beach and into the rough terrain that sits quietly inland is something less explored and wildly inspiring.”  – Bettina, Photo ResponsibleCollage4“The spring collection is an ode to the best of 70’s style. From the tanned suede that stars in the FEMME collection and the shades of camel that paint Spring / Summer HOMME, those same warm tones are brought to life by the sun drenched mountains of the Spanish desert.”  – Bettina, Photo ResponsibleCollage2

“The landscape of the desert is so baron and vast. Although we were definitely not in Scandinavia, the terrain somehow complimented the minimal lines of the clothes effortlessly.”   – Bettina, Photo ResponsibleIMG_3425

“I’ll never forget climbing those rocky mountains. The whole ground beneath you is unstable and ready to shift the second it has a chance to catch you off guard. But the view from the top reconciles any unflattering words screamed while hauling ourselves to witness what looked like a postcard.”   – Bettina, Photo Responsible



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