Originally intended as outerwear for automobile drivers and passengers to stay warm, this jacket now acts as a classic option that can just as easily be paired with tailoring as it can with your favorite pair of jeans. AP3A5788AP3A5785

STYLE TIP: With such a classic coat, incorporate edgier textures, such as leather, to create a more rock ‘n roll vibe when you need a suiting break. AP3A5798


This coat found its start on the frozen ships of men at sea more than a hundred years ago (read more here). Today, there may not be a jacket that is more of a classic in a man’s wardrobe. AP3A5836 AP3A5841

STYLE TIP: Go all in with the nautical reference. The turtleneck and the pea coat are old friends from sailing days and when paired together in similar tones, the two offer a modern ode to the sailor men who first donned the look. AP3A5843


Modern elegance epitomized, it’s this coat that is a requirement for any tailored guy. Our take on it offers a narrow notch lapel and a hint of cashmere in the wool.AP3A5851AP3A5863STYLE TIP: We dig a topcoat for an elevated element to a tee shirt and jeans, but we’re also prone to pairing it with a suit for a sleek, column-like look from head to toe. AP3A5862


The six buttons that make up the double breasted coat were originally a huge hit in sartorial menswear of the 1930s. They found their voice again come mid 80s to mid 90s, but fast forward to today and the tendency is stronger than ever. AP3A5873AP3A5878

STYLE TIP: Pair the 90’s referenced jacket with another 90’s trend that has resurfaced — cable knit zipups. Done right, you’ll be a combo platter of modern elegance and vintage references.  AP3A5881Shop all HOMME outerwear.