Summer suiting doesn’t have to be a wild adventure into the unknown. It can be as simple as adding a white tee and coordinating white sneakers to the suit you already have in your closet. The same woolen one you have for winter occasions? Yes, actually. Fun fact: wool being a natural fiber allows for your skin to breath in the summer heat. We lean towards a preference of navy for a slight reference to nautical days spent on the summer sea. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves. Femme-700414Femme-700453


For those who choose bravery for fashion’s sake or for those who choose bravery for heat’s sake — this is the summer suited option for you. Our stylists paired heather grey shorts and a suit jacket, both in linen, for a styled look that keeps you looking (and feeling) cool. Plus, another opportunity to show off the calf presses you’ve so diligently been working on is just a win-win sort of situation. Femme-700421Femme-700443

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In a sea of corporate shades, consider exploring an unexpected tone that stands out from the rest. We went for a shade closer to light denim. It’s still in the color family of classic blue, but offers a lighter, more casual something extra. Summer is the time of year where play with color is more than welcomed, so  don’t hesitate to get in the game. the subtle blue paired with an equally subtle printed shirt and your entrance will be anything but. Femme-700427Femme-700451


In the case that a blazer is the furthest thing your warmer than warm day needs, opt for a crisp white shirt to hint towards formal. That’s right, permission hereby given. Tucked in or tucked out, nothing says clean, edited, and classic quite like a white shirt. Try to find an argument for that. Femme-700437 Femme-700438Shop the story.