ATHLEISURE tailoring

Moving in groves is the infiltration of sportswear classics in menswear tailoring, i.e. tailored trousers with an elastic waist. Smaller details like taped zipper pockets on classic trenches or the season’s must-have: the re-designed (and ultra-easy) sports polo are also a way of jumping on board. You may not be breaking a sweat anytime soon, but you’ll be the sharpest guy on the sartorial field of dreams.   selected_homme-femme_161115_401_04_v3


When planning for the spring and summer celebrations (i.e. confirmations, baptisms, weddings), there’s one road to styling perfection that seems clearest: a tone on tone one. It’s as easy as pointing to a color and wearing it head-to-toe. selected_homme-femme_161115_948_09_v2


Moving towards warmer weather means one thing: easy access. Forget the hassle of buttons and search for zipper details wherever you can. This first-mover detail may be hard to find now, but come Spring it will be requisite numèro uno. selected_homme-femme_161115_829_08_v2


The classics have been close to our hearts since the dawn of menswear, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. For spring, shift your focus on qualities — 100% cotton or linen, jeans with bounce-back stretch, and never ever compromise on the leather of your shoes. selected_homme-femme_161115_670_06_v3