For those days where the heat is almost baffling, yet still bearable… ditch your jacket and go for a breathable, short-sleeved linen option that’ll help you combat the heat. If need be, keep your jacket within an arm’s reach when the boss’s boss strolls by. However, opt for suede sneaks for a casual-smart look. Virgil_Blog3


Client meeting? Consider going for casual tailoring with a shorts suit in an unstructured and breathable fabric. It’s professional, but with some much needed ventilation. As with your suit, keep your shirts lightweight. Go casual with a classic white tee or amp it up with a short sleeve button down. The shorts suit is unquestionably the road you should be going down to keep you from overheating.Virgil_Blog2


For those days where hell has broken loose and the heat is as ungodly as burpees at the gym, take the shortcut to chino shorts and a classic, cotton polo. The looks says you understand office casual, but “hot damn, it’s hot out.” Sandals? No. yÝou might be wearing shorts to work, but don’t push the limits, bucko. Finish off the look with a pair of dress shoes or brogues for a final work appropriate polish. Virgil_Blog4

Shop the looks.