Facebook or Instagram?
For work I prefer to work with Facebook because of the possibilities and accuracy that it gives me from a marketing and branding perspective. We want to tell people how awesome SELECTED is and the tools Facebook has allowed me to nerd out and do it properly. Privately, I’m more into Instagram because it’s editable. It offers so much more creativity and is a platform that really allows one to catch moments as they happen – that it is when you don’t fake it.


Who do you follow on social media that the rest of us should be following?
For fashion I would recommend to follow the great guys from Mr.Porter. They know how to keep it simple and tell great stories. It’s not only about clothes, but about a lifestyle. I follow a great Australian lad @pmmillions – he is all about ties and old school tattoos – soooo RAD and inspiring!


What makes you want to unfollow someone?

I think it’s important, no matter if you’re a brand or a regular joe, that you’re online because you wanna be social. Not because you wanna sell yourself or a product. So tell the story like you mean it, or shut up! It’s like when you’re at a party, and this guy or girl keeps talking about him/herself, without any interest of any other in the room – so anti-social!

What’s your opinion on Instagram pictures of food?
Since I do it myself, I can’t really criticize it, can I? I use my photos as my own personal cook book, so I save them with the hashtag #tbmad , Thomas Barker Food in Danish. I would love to be even better at this, because it’s great for inspiration. I use a lot of time on cooking, so I like to tell people about it.

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What makes you want to follow someone?
Inspiration… Both in connection to work and private. Someone who knows how to tell a good story!

What are three words that describe your style?

Various, provocative, and plain.

Where do you find style inspiration?
In general, I like to find inspiration from magazines and social media, then I try to give it a personal twist.

Where else do you bring style in your life besides clothes?
I guess my home gets some love once in a while. I have wood in every aspect and shape and I love to mix it all up. I’m a big fan of second-hand and DIY stuff in my living space. It gives it a more personal touch and you feel more like it’s a space that’s your own10570060_1379773712308748_1955634197_n

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What part of your style defines you most?
I guess the diversity. I often wear cropped suit pants with brogues at work, paired with a tee to show off my inks, or a blazer for a more formal look. But when I come home I usually jump into something baggy to chill in. When I go out, I love to put on a suit. My Army green Mads Nørgaard is my favourite.

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2015 Trend you are most excited about?

I’m all about the suede and it’s also on the top of my list for outerwear. Great material!