Growing up in a small town near Frankfurt, Valerie Husemann can’t wait to get out of the buzzing (but always enchanting) streets of Berlin for Christmas.

“It brings a pleasant anticipation and a real tickling sensation every year.”

From her inspiring universe, Simple et Chic, she’s writing exciting lifestyle and travel reports on a daily basis and giving us all a lesson or two on the latest fashion trends, but what is she going to do when finally getting home for a short yet well-deserved Christmas break?

“I love to sit in front of the fireplace with my family and listen to the fire crackling. Normally, we’re talking for hours and eating delicious food. Christmas at home also rhymes with long walks in the snowy forest, hot chocolate (of course!), cuddly knits, and lots of baking.”

On that note, let the packing begin!


“You never know what’s coming, so you need to bring at least one stylish blouse for a spontaneous get-together with friends or a night out on the town. I really like this one. It’s simple and elegant – but with a special touch.”051216-blog-joshua-packshots2020

2. One step at a time

“For long, snowy walks, I always go for biker boots! Actually, they more or less serve every purpose, right?”051216-blog-joshua-packshots2047



“Well, Christmas surely equals heavy knitwear. You can’t really cope with winter in its absence. It’s nothing but an essential! The wide sleeves make this style very special, and it can easily be played up and down.”051216-blog-joshua-packshots2023


4. All that (SIMPLE) glitter

“I love Scandinavian-inspired pieces of jewelry that can easily fit every occasion. The minimalist design makes this necklace  perfect for Christmas Eve.”



“It’s impossible to go through Christmas without a cozy, snuggly wool coat! This one is beautiful and will for sure keep me warm.”051216-blog-joshua-packshots2022