Where does your love of sneakers originate from?

My love for sneakers comes from playing basketball in the 80s, when Jordan was around. He is a true inspiration to me. For me, his sneakers are original and when I played I felt like I got a little bit of Jordan on my feet. In 1989, Air Jordan 4 was released in Lærke Sport and we all had to get our hands on a pair.


What can a pair of sneakers add to an outfit?

Sneakers are a big part of my style, and you can tell a lot from a person’s shoes.

It is very simple if you add a pair of nice sneakers to your outfit, you can almost wear anything and still look stylish.


Where are your sneakers bringing you in your life today?

Sneakers bring me comfort, and today I work for very cool LA based sneaker Brand called Brandblack.


How many sneakers do you actually have?

I think I have around 200 pairs. I sold more than 200 pairs over the last 2 years, I had too many, haha.


Do you have a favorite pair of sneakers?

AJ4 & AJ5 (that’s sneaker talk for Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 5).


What is the hot sneaker that’s on your shopping list?

The next sneaker on my shopping list is the Yeezy 3 from Kanye West.


What can you tell us about your company, Staple?

Staple is the home court for the LA Lakers, an arena full of inspiring moments. Essentially it’s a Public Relations agency, but we also take on special projects. Currently, I’m working on designing sportswear together with Rasmus Storm.


You moved to Denmark from Uganda when you were young. What was that like to come to such a different culture from where you originate?

My DNA is from Uganda & India, but I have lived most of my life in Denmark, so I feel very much like a Dane.


You faced what you have described as a rough childhood. Can you describe what that was like?

Growing up was very hard. I spent most of my childhood in a foster home. We only had each other to rely on, so it was very important that you stayed true to your friends.


How has that part of your past impacted you today?

I never take anything for granted; I work hard and refuse to give up.


You’ve said that Michael Jordan is a huge inspiration to you. What is it about him that has left a lasting impression?

When I was growing up, MJ became my Idol and a great inspiration. When I played basketball, I thought, if he can do it, so can I.


You were the focus of the documentary #MAKEITCOUNT. How are you living out that mantra today?

Life is beautiful even on bad days, staying true to yourself and your friends and family. I never look down, I look to the stars.


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