Can you describe an incident in your life where you felt that you made the right choice?

Life in general is a huge handful of decisions and choices. I’m pretty sure that my best choice was to get into music. I’ve always wanted to, but was too insecure to admit that this is what I was passionate about, because imagine if it didn’t work out! This kept happening up until the day it dawned on me that life goes on, it goes fast, and I didn’t want to end up waking up to realize that I didn’t even try to fulfill my dreams.


When did you know you made ​​the right choice?

I could really feel right away that it was so right! There are still days when I think, “what the fuck am I doing here?!” There is a lot of emptiness, which I hate, in this business and people who kiss ass — I really hate it. I just realized that this is right and this is what I need, and that I have to go all in. But 90% of the time, I feel this rush of feeling insane or wondering what I’ve gotten myself into, but in a good way. It definitely challenges me, but I like it. I just think you need to listen to those gut feelings. My good friend once said, “get out of the body Freja!!” It meant that I should really just look at things from the outside and feel it in my gut.


What sense did choosing right give you?

It gave and still gives me a sense of victory. The wildest feelings are when one starts doubting themselves. The feeling of knowing I did it damn well is the feeling that I love the most and lets me know that this is all worth it.


How has it effected your life?

It’s what makes me happy! I think there are so many good things going on for me and it has given me peace of mind and a belief in myself, which is really cool. I’m really where I want to be in life right now and the rest really just influenced every aspect of my life, so I’m really happy and grateful.


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