Beer Picks by Mikkel Borg BjergsøMikkeller

Drink’in the SUN

We’ve got a beer called Drink’in the Sun. It’s non-alcoholic, which is perfect for a severe Indian summer feeling. Especially if you’re pregnant, driving a car, or something else. It’s fresh, it’s light — the taste is bloody amazing. And, as I said, there’s no alcohol in it. We’ve started to work a bit with that, I mean, if you can get alcohol-free beer that tastes just like regular beer, then it’s great, right?SUN NEW


We also do canned beers, mostly Berliner Weisse. That’s a type of beer originating from Germany with a low alcohol percentage. It involves lactic acid, so it’s sour. We’ve done one with cherries. That sort of combination is what I would call a perfect summer beer.

Berliner Weisse

I wish ipa

And the last one… I’ll go for an India pale ale (IPA), that’s a beer type with hops, which is quite enjoyable when sitting out in the sun. It’s a bit high on alcohol, but that’s okay, then you’ll just get a bit tipsy. It’s perfect for what we call “Lille Fredag” here in Denmark (aka Little Friday — aka Thursday night) and the weekend — definitely a summer buzz sort of beer. Just remember to leave the car keys at home.