Carola Pojer, actress and founder of fashion blog, VIENNA WEDEKIND.Selected-Femme-Pinstripes-Suit-Senso-Sneakers-VIENNA-WEDEKIND

Describe your style in three words: Clean, modern, laid-back.


How can a modern woman make tailoring feel less antiquated?

It all comes down to choosing a modern cut and the right fabric! I love, for example, boyfriend blazers and tailored pants made from soft materials. Try to avoid heavy materials such as felt or tweed – it can make you look old real fast.  Another trick is to pair tailored pieces with dressed-down accessories, like sneakers, shades or a cool bag.  This will “modernize” your look in seconds.


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What draws you to tailoring and why?

Tailored pieces implicate a certain kind of sophistication and an understated sense of power. Wearing a great-fitting blazer or jacket makes me feel strong and confident – and ultimately, that’s what I adore about fashion.


How did you get into style blogging?

While studying under Performing Arts & Photography, I was searching for a creative outlet to share my visions and inspirations — starting a blog gave me the opportunity to do so. Although, the first blog posts were more about my life as an actress, fashion always played an important role in my life; think costumes, movie premieres and photo shoots. While I got more and more into blogging, I finally found out that fashion was my true passion. So I started sharing my personal style and all the fun things that make fashion so irresistible


Do you have any favorite tailoring muses?

Not that I can think of a specifically, but there are a lot of powerful women (#girlbosses) out there who totally rock modern tailoring. I also love to browse through photo archives or Pinterest — that’s the best way to get fresh inspiration.


When you’re not in tailoring – what’s your go-to?

Denim and Knits. I have a soft spot for cozy knitwear…


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