“Women more than ever are in need of great tailoring that offers a no-fuss attitude. It’s that notion that carried the entire concept behind creating the perfect suit for the woman on the go.” 2015_07_15_Selected26091“Where we’ve landed is a suit of great quality, with a wool-mix fabric done in impeccable tailoring. But where the suit becomes a “travel suit” is not in the fabric or the cut, but in the finishing.”


“The suit receives what’s called a “Traveler Finishing” that leaves the wool-mix fabric still feeling comfortable and soft to the touch, yet gives a wrinkle resistant effect that makes it great for airplanes, cars, trains, or as we do in Denmark — commutes by bicycle.” 

2015_07_15_Selected26126“When packing for longer trips, that makes for less of a need to carry special luggage to properly hang your suit, a stress-free mind when packing your suit with your other clothes, and ultimately a suit that looks amazing going in or out of your suitcase. The fact that it’s done in an amazing fabric and modern cuts to suit your style isn’t just a bonus, but rather a given that goes along with a suit meant for everyday travel.”



The complete Travel Suit line is currently available in black and navy-pinstripe and available online and in stores.

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