“The thing with designing the perfect pea coat, is that it’s a complete act of nostalgia. The best pea coat today shouldn’t really differ from the originals that were found on U.S. sailors’ backs more than a hundred years ago. It’s a real design ode, if you will, to a jacket that has a history that’s older than you will ever grow to know, but is still relevant today.” 


“When I’m drawing the design for a pea coat, it’s incredibly important to get the collar proportions just right. I don’t want it to be too voluminous, but it also needs to have enough gusto to help tell the history of the jacket. You often see it styled with the collar and lapels flipped up — which is a true reference to what sailors did on those extra cold days on the ship.” 


“Since the 16th century, the Dutch word for cloth that is course and durable is called, “pij.” It’s the same word that was later used for making double breasted jackets that would be used by sailors spending their days at sea. Although most of the men wearing our version won’t be living their lives on the high waters, it’s that history that drives our fabric choice for the SELECTED pea coats.”


“The buttons on a classic pea coat are always done in a double-breasted style. It was done so sailors could slide down rope and riggings without tearing their buttons off. It was the space in-between the two sets of buttons that made it possible.” 


“As it is with all of SELECTED’s designs, fit is of the upmost importance. We have fit models we work with to make sure everything is on point, but for me I like to try the jacket on to actually see how it feels to be the wearer. Before we get the final jacket that ends up in the shops, I’ve tried it on several times just to make sure the fitting is perfect.” 


“It’s a jacket that any man could, or even should have in their wardrobe. Whatever you have going on with your personal style, there’s most likely room to fit it into your sartorial outfitting. Some people love the nautical look, some people hate it — but this jacket is so much more than that. It’s a classic that very much reigns as a true essential for men.  280915-SEL-Designer-Portrait-Peacoat6074-copy




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