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“We set out to create the perfect heeled boot for autumn. We wanted something that was feminine, yet edgy, and one that could be worn for whatever your look was that day.” 

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“Although the boot is very feminine, it still has a harsh shape to it with the exaggerated pointy toe and the high heel. Because of that, we chose to do it in goat suede. The suede is really beautiful and brings a softness to the edge of the boot — something I think a lot of women are looking for.” 280715 SEL Blog Billeder1164

“We see the FEMME girl as one who wears sneakers one day and stilettos the next. This heeled boot is the perfect option if is she only had space for one shoe in her suitcase. They can just as easily be worn with a little dress for a night out on the town or with jeans and a sweater during the day — they’re as elegant as they are versatile.” 280715 SEL Blog Billeder1206

“These ladies are also built for comfort. From the goat suede on the inside to the pigskin lining, they’re 100% breathable, unlike other shoes which are lined in plastic. The leather insoles also add extra comfort. It’s a win-win for those long days in heels.”280715 SEL Blog Billeder1180

“Most importantly, these heeled boots make for some longer than long legs. The angled shape at the front with the 9 cm heel is the ultimate combo for model-like legs, and something we know all women — short or tall — are craving from their shoes.”  


Proof in the picture: Emily Salomon’s test-drive of the heeled boots.

See more photos of Emily here.

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