“The Collect shirt is one that actually started out as a face in a collection years ago. It didn’t have a permanent place and quite frankly, it didn’t sell all that well. But we really believed in the idea of it, so we kept it at the drawing table until we got it exactly right.” 


“The shirt originally came from a Japanese kind of look — this straightforward piece that was both classic, yet modern. Through its evolution, it’s kept that same streamlined look, but taken even more inspiration from classic collegiate oxfords — shirts that are both crisp and smart, but also easy to wear. Back in the day, men in college needed shirts that were equally dressy as they were wearable on the football field. The classic oxford was born from that need and we’ve just evolved it for today’s modern men.”


“Today, the shirt is a much lighter version of itself. My boyfriend loves wearing the shirt in the summer as he can feel a bit more dressed up, while not getting too hot. And when I say lighter, it doesn’t mean less on quality — but thinner threads that make for a more wearable shirt no matter the season.” 


“I think what I really love most about the Collect Shirt, is the collar shape. It’s a little bit longer and a little bit more pointed — a real ode to classic collars. It’s almost as if you’re going back in time to what they would have used at university.” 


“The Collect shirt carries color really well. It’s most often woven with white, making these really great, toned down colors that feel classic for years. But I think the reason why so many men love the Collect Shirt so much, is that we are constantly putting out the shirt in new color variations and patterns. It’s a shirt they can count on to feel classic, yet updated — what I think a lot of men want from their clothes.” 

HU3A0755“Styling-wise, it’s a shirt that when pressed looks incredibly sharp, but still not too posh. When left unironed, it has this casual-cool sensibility about it. It goes just as easily with a blazer as it does with a pair of cut-off jeans shorts. It’s just incredibly versatile.” HU3A0820