161215-SEL-Blog-FTE-Joshua0038“We use a lot of different materials when it comes to the knits we design. But one of our favorites is wool — specifically merino.” — Nikolaj 161215-SEL-Blog-FTE-Joshua0027


A: Merino is one of the finest qualities of wool you can get. It comes from Merino sheep and is prized around the world. It’s one of the softer wools out there, but still maintains its ability to keep you warm. Where ours becomes different is a special process called mercerization.161215-SEL-Blog-FTE-Joshua0074


A: Mercerization is where we burn off the fine hairs of the yarn to create a smoother, more comfortable feel against the skin. Even though Merino wool is one of the softest of the bunch, it can still end up feeling itchy. But the mercerizing process scares off any fears of itchy skin and allows for a warm, breathable fabric that you won’t hate to wear.161215-SEL-Blog-FTE-Joshua0041

q: What is it about mecerized merino wool that makes it look so exclusive?

A: The result of mercerized Merino wool is a yarn that really soaks dyes for brighter, crisper shades. In the same way that the mercerizing process makes it easier to wear the wool, it also gives sheen to the material that makes it look and feel even more exclusive.

161215-SEL-Blog-FTE-Joshua0064Q:What makes Merino a staple for anyone?

A: Merino wool offers a base for styles that are just classic, that truly embody everyday luxury, and that you want to have in your closet year after year.161215-SEL-Blog-FTE-Joshua0060


  • Hang your wool in an open space to air out in-between wearing. This cuts down on the need to wash.
  • When washing, use 30° C water to avoid shrinkage.
  • Always use wool detergent when washing — this is washing liquid that is designed to leave your wool looking fresh, wash after wash.
  • Wash separate from your other garments to avoid snagging or abrasions while in the wash cycle.
  • Wash your merino wool inside out. This allows for less damaging of the fibers from the washing machine and longer lasting wool.
  • Air dry only. We recommend laying it flat to avoid stretching in the shoulders from a hanger.


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