“The thing that makes the Duffel coat such a great outerwear piece is that it is a menswear classic. You could call it iconic even. It has a true masculine expression and yet at the same time, relaxed, clean and smart. It helps build a casual smart look, ever so popular with men who don’t feel like being buttoned up too tight.”

EmptyName-24It’s all in the details

“With the duffel coat, the details are far from minor: big and deep patch pockets, where you can bury your hands during cold days, a decent-sized comforting hood (that used to be even bigger, to accommodate a uniform cap underneath) and the toggle closure, a testimony of heritage and history.”EmptyName-89

From sketch to shoulders

“The process of creating this style starts even before the sketch is made, with researching the history and the trends for the season ahead. I normally start with looking at old historic pictures of the coat. There are so many great photos to be found online and in historical reference books. When designing the Duffel coat for the Autumn ’16 collection we took inspiration from the modern man and combined it with the heritage of the iconic Duffle. In terms of fitting, fabrics and colors, it was important to create a coat with a classic look, but updated to meet the demands of the contemporary man.”EmptyName-132

The old and the new

“Our Autumn ’16 version of the iconic Duffle coat is updated from the original to fulfill the needs of what men need today. The original coat, for example, had a remarkably wide fit. Freedom of movement up and down the rigging was important for the naval sailors who used to wear it at work on the big ships, hence the coat was cut very wide. We have also added a zipper for extra warmth and easier closure, which was missing from the original version. The toggle closure (probably the most characteristic feature of the coat) was used in the past as it was easier to handle with gloves on, and of course we had to keep them to preserve the classic look of the coat.”EmptyName-56

“The shoulders of the duffel coat used to be reinforced with an additional layer of fabric, both for strength and for warmth, a feature we have kept on our modern version as well. There is no lining on the original coat and the fabric used was heavy wool (often bonded wool on wool), however for a warmer feeling, we have added a lining in teddy. The wool mix fabric we use is much lighter as the original material would be way too stiff for men to enjoy wearing it today.”EmptyName-69

Refined and laid-back all in one

“What makes the Duffle coat so perfect is its versatility. It is a real all-outfits coat, to wear with chinos and a knit for relaxed afternoons in the park but also smart enough to be worn over a suit. At the end of the day I’m all for personal expression through style and I think that as long as you feel comfortable and true to yourself you should wear it as you like. Having said that, I would be really happy if someone wore it with a great pair of pleated trousers and a woolen, high-neck knit — that’s would be a sharp look.”EmptyName-38

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