What are the advantages of boiled merino wool?

Boiled wool is a felted version of wool, with all the same advantages, but it is more firm and compact to the touch and also more windproof and water-repellent. Boiled wool is actually knitted wool that has been shrunk with water, heat and soap suds to become felted. Boiled merino wool is also a natural antibacterial, so bad odors are not easily built up in the garment – this means that you don’t have to wash your woolen garment vigorously, but actually a good airing out is enough.

2016_knit_12016_knit_22016_knit_3How to care for your garment?

The care label says hand wash, but the hand wash symbol actually covers the wool cycle on your washer. Just keep the heat low, never above 30 degrees. But as mentioned earlier, merino wool is a natural antibacterial, so a good airing out or a a few hours in the freezer will more often than not, do the trick. This also helps keep your garment in a great condition for longer. And of course you must never pop it in the dryer. Instead, lay it flat to air dry on a towel.291116-blog-fte-tanja1168 291116-blog-fte-tanja1163Shades of wool

When it comes to our merino wool styles, there is no shortage of colors! As a first step in the coloring process, the yarn is dyed and then knitted on a large machine, under a special tension that will help with the shrinkage process later. You can find our wool styles in Black, Dark Sapphire, Light Grey Melange, Sierra, Tannin and Thyme – and a limited variety of styles in Mazzarine Blue.

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Tanja’s personal favorites?

DARLA knit pullover in MAZZARINE BLUE, but she pleaded guilty to having a few DARLA knit cardigans hanging in her closet.

Find our collection of merino wool sweaters, cardigans and accessories here.