Sejla, 22, SELECTED SalesS4_c

“I don’t think you’re ever going to feel freer than in your 20s, so use denim to explore your personal style.”


“With denim, the trends are pretty straight forward. It’s all about just getting into it; there’s no one telling you what you can and cannot do.”S1_c

Sejla’s Denim Tip: “If committing to a denim on denim look is something you want to dip your toes into, start by mixing your blue jeans with white or black denim for a toned down, but still cool outfit.” 

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Long vest | Gaia Jeggings | Julia Leather Shoes




Lea, 31, MarketingL1_c

”As I’ve entered my 30s, I’ve finally settled on denim that works for me. Dark blues, blacks, maybe a grey – and in a skinny fit to balance out all the over-sized blazers and jackets I’ve become accustom to.”L4_c

“Denim is so classic, my mom who is 60 is still wearing denim and I don’t think I’ll dare to differ. It just shows that denim is ageless.”L9_c

Lea’s denim tip: “When washing your dark wash jeans, try to squeeze as many wears in-between washes as possible and only use liquid detergent. The powder is extra hard on jean dye and can leave white marks.” 

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Striped knit | Long blazer | Annie Slim Fit Jeans | Olivia Leather Shoes




Åse, 43, DesignAa4_c

“In your 40s, it’s all about the shape. Of course, we want nicer, softer denim, but it really comes down to a shape that’s flattering for your figure.”Aa1_c

I’m a long coat kind of woman. And if it comes in denim, well, then all the better.”Aa6_c

Åse’s denim tip: “Please never, ever, ever dry your jeans. Especially if there is any bit of Lycra in the fabric; they will quickly lose their shape and even become ribbed in their texture. Always allow time for denim to hang-dry and they will last much longer.”  

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White Denim Jacket | Gaia Jeggings