cropped jakob and lise

Can you describe Identity in three words?

Jakob: In short, it’s contemporary, modern, and tailored. This is the line that SELECTED was born from and really sets the tone for the DNA of SELECTED HOMME.

Lise: If I had to add a fourth, I would say minimalistic. This is definitely a tailoring brand that is interested in providing streamlined tailoring for men.


What is the process in designing the Identity collection? 

Lise: The collections are very trend driven. Mostly we go to New York City and London to see what’s happening in the streets, but even Copenhagen in our native Denmark can be quite inspiring for us.

Jacob: I think we are always trying to decide what’s relevant for men today. It’s always a balance between classic tailored menswear and fine tuning the trends to meet the demands of men today.

2015 Autumn HOMME Identity BW1

Who is the guy you’re designing for? 

Lise: We don’t put an official age on him, but we always try to create a collection for a guy who simply wants to look sharp and contemporary. A guy who is conscious about trends and wants to do it in a way that’s relevant.

Jakob: He’s also a guy who is aware of quality and he knows just as much what he doesn’t want compared to what he does want.


How does Identity hit the mark for men who appreciate quality? 

Lise: It’s definitely a matter of European fabric and European manufacturing. Throughout the whole process — from choosing fabrics to the final product — we’re making sure that quality is present every step of the way. In our Exclusive quality suits, we’re extremely concerned with wool content and even include exclusive materials, such as cashmere.

Jakob: Ultimately, it’s about a guy making a sartorial investment that he can feel good about. He should be able to make a decision with whatever budget he’s working with, and know that he’s getting great quality for the price. These are suits that are going to feel fresh and modern for years to come — and that sort of confidence is built in knowing it’s European qualities and craftsmanship. 2015 Autumn HOMME Identity BW3

What is the main component that sets SELECTED tailoring apart from other tailoring brands?

Jakob: I think it has a very simple and functional, Scandinavian take on a suit. Minimalistic, definitely — but there’s a sense of fine workmanship that adds a lot of value and functionality to our suits that you don’t find in other similar brands.

Lise: For us, too, it’s all about the fit. Right now we’re all about the slim fit, very tailored suiting. But with tailoring, one of the most fun things to watch as years pass is the preference for fitting. And for us, it’s one of the main items we keep our eyes on.


For a guy that doesn’t dress in suits every day, what can he find within Identity? 

Lise: We have an amazing range of knitwear, shirts, tee shirts, coats, and accessories that come along with the suits. The line is definitely centered around men’s suiting, but there’s so much more to the collections that can round out any guy’s wardrobe.

Jakob: We are also under the impression that a lot of guys aren’t wearing suits every day. But what’s great about Identity, is that you can take the line and break it a part to meet your needs. That means you can just as easily wear a blazer from a three piece suit with jeans or take the trousers and pair it with a tee shirt. It’s that sort of tailored/casual mix that really makes Identity so much bigger than suiting up, even though we’re big advocates of that, too.

2015 Autumn HOMME Identity BW2