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It doesn’t get more new Americana than this place. With the sole purpose of being the best neighborhood restaurant in North Brooklyn, we’d say they are right on track. Think classic Booklyn bloody Mary’s, pork belly eggs Benedict, and fried chicken sandwiches. If you’re looking to fuel up for a long day’s worth of walking, look no further. If you’re looking for the ultimate American brunch experience, book now. As in right now.


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Whether you’re window shopping, looking to splurge for something memorable, or wanting to find something from the city’s endless selection of high street, SOHO is the neighborhood to do it. This diverse shopping enclave is the best spot in the city to fix any itch for something new.


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The West Village can boast the setting for such television and movie homes as Carrie Bradshaw, the Huxtables, and Audrey Hepburn. It’s quintessentially a vision of the NYC we have all grown to love, specifically a none stop line up of stoops pouring onto sidewalks just ready to be perched on. But be careful, these steps are private property and only for the -omg, is that Blair and Serena?- sight-seeing.


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At 312 Bowery, you’ll find the best of the best when it comes to New York’s emerging artists. This gallery plays host to a curated selection of up and coming artists handpicked by one of the city’s top art gallery directors, Kathy Grayson. The gallery has become a favorite landing spot for some of the world’s most acclaimed niche art shows, while remaining the pride and joy of neighborhood locals.


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The latest neighborhood to break out of the Brooklyn bubble, Greenpoint’s gritty, industrial vibe has attracted a fresh set of millennials moving into the once ‘Little Poland’ section of Brooklyn. Here you’ll find the freshest of daily roasted coffee, donuts so decadent your heart may melt just looking at them, and plenty of vintage clothing shops ready to be dug through for a hot find.


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Want the best nachos in all of NYC? (uh, yes please) Then look no further. This hip stop in Brooklyn offers a small, but wonderfully nautical menu for the eclectic crowd. Owned by one of Bill Murray’s sons, this seafood assorted menu has also become known as the unofficial hangout for writers, upcoming actors, and creatives from the community  — all while maintaining meals worth blogging home about.


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Rooftop bar? Check. Pool? Check. 360° view? Check. As the absolute stunner of the Lower East Side, this architecturally divine spot has become the latest place to grab happy hour or a drink to accompany the sunset (and then some). With a fully stacked bar and cocktail experts on staff, this is sure to be the ultimate NYC moment with a drink in hand and the sparkle of the city in the background.