Bertels Kager & Salon | Falkoner Allé 54 | 2000 Frederiksberg C

This place is no less than heaven for all cake lovers. It’s a must-visit when you’re in Frederiksberg and a good place to refuel after an exhausting shopping spree. Mr. Bertel, the owner, specializes in cheese cakes and other tasty delights. All we can say is good luck in picking between the many options.

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Ipsen & Co | Gammel Kongevej 108 | 1850 Frederiksberg C

Visiting this small cafe feels more like being in your second living room rather than a café. Don’t be surprised if you get lost in the cozy atmosphere surrounded by curated antiques for the ultimate hygge-experience. We recommend their brunch with a portion of their Icelandic yogurt, skyr, with homemade sea buckthorn puree, and granola.

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Meyers Deli | Gammel Kongevej 107 | 1850 Frederiksberg C

A fusion of an informal eatery, grocer, barista and take away is this lovely spot in Frederiksberg. Here you’ll find specialties from local farmers, fresh baked bread, Nordic dishes, and sweets fit for a sweet tooth. Don’t cheat yourself in trying the memorable roasted pork sandwich.

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The Coffee Collective | Godthåbsvej 34B | Frederiksberg

The best coffee in Copenhagen. The conversation could end there, but this caffeine sanctuary is also one where you can enjoy your coffee with clean conscience. The people behind the roastery skip the middlemen and trade directly with the coffee plantation. They serve your coffee ‘slow roast’ which extracts the best taste from the coffee beans — says the experts — and, oh boy, the difference is clear.

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Granola | Værnedamsvej 5 | 1819 Frederiksberg C

When you step into this charming cafe it feels like you went back to the 30s. Everything here is consistent down to the smallest details, which isn’t a surprise since the owner worked previously as a scenographer. Granola serves food from a French bistro kitchen, but if you are in a hurry you can order a quick cup of coffee or milkshake to-go through the small hatch.

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Frederiksberg Garden and Palace | Frederiksberg Runddel

If you need a break from the city’s traffic and crowded streets, Frederiksberg Garden is the right place to escape. Whether you want to take a snooze on the lawn or grab some fresh air via a little walk, this is the spot for you. We recommend the boat tour to fully comprehend the vastness of the gardens. You will pass both the Frederiksberg Palace, many beautiful small bridges, the Chinese Pavilion and the elephant house at the Copenhagen Zoo.

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