_66B5417In the summer, most of us are prone to think cotton or linen when it comes to suiting. Popular notion tells us this is common sense, but we’d like to argue for something a little less than, well, popular notion.

We’d like to make a case for wool. That’s crazy talk, right? But actually, with the right wool your summer suiting phobia can be put to bed. The commonly resourced textile for keeping warm in the winter, can accomplish just the opposite for summer._66B5543As you’d most likely grab wool for the coldest day in January, lighter wool can be woven less densely to keep you cool on even the hottest day in July. That breeze you’ve had your fingers crossed for, will have a harder time getting through your cotton blazer. But with lightly woven wool — no problemo.

Where linen and cotton can wrinkle – especially linen – wool maintains its fresh look longer. Sweating is inevitable on a hot summer day, even in board shorts and a tee, but wool’s natural fibers wick away moisture faster than other textiles. And that includes the smell that goes along with it._66B5526That means less time ironing, less time dry-cleaning, less time sweating it out (physically and mentally) in a suit that’s just not cutting it. With the combination of a fabric that’s thinner, more breathable, and less stinky, we’d say that’s case enough to wear wool for summer. Weddings, parties, summer work attire — wool’s got your back. _66B5531Shop SELECTED wool suits.