1) Double Denim

Nothing says spring like adding some denim pieces to your wardrobe. This season, it’s all about light weight denim so you can keep your cool in the early sunshine of spring. Don’t be afraid to mix tones of denim with each other — this isn’t laundry time, so feel free to mix your darks with the lights.


2) Peek-a-boo shirt

White collared shirts have always been a favorite and a classic go-to for a crisp injection of elegance. This spring, we’re taking this ageless classic and pumping it up a bit with a dose rebellious youth. Consider pairing a long white shirt under your favorite mini skirt, all while letting a sliver of the shirt hang below the hemline. It’s a look that we’ve seen on the coolest of street style stars… and now you.


3) Spring suede

We hate to say it, but if you thought the fashion scene was done with its suede love affair you were mistaken. Suede is here to stay and has officially moved into the category of spring essential. Consider taking this fashionable, yet breathable fabric into every category of your wardrobe: skirts, tops, dresses, pants, shoes… you get the picture.


4) Super striPes

Stripes are always a good idea.  This season we have our eyes on stripes that make a statement. Head-to-toe, varying widths, you name it — we’re wearing it.


5) Thin knits for spring

Can you see Miranda Priestly rolling her eyes? But this spring feels different. Tee shirting is always on the warmer weather agenda, but consider opting for a knitted version to add a touch of texture. Whether worn alone or layered like the best of them, this is a staple for any elevated spring wardrobe.


6) bring back the 90s

Ok, we get it. It feels like just yesterday we were trying to decide which Spice Girl we wanted to be, but either we’re getting older or fashion is moving fast. We’ll only admit to the latter. Dusting off some of those 90’s styling tips Britney and the pop parade offered will now make you the chicest one in the room. Think tee shirts under spaghetti straps, denim jackets over everything and anything else you wore in your elementary school pictures.90'IES

7) pleats, please

The fashion scene has turned its sight towards tinier, tighter mini pleats for spring ’16. We are obsessing over this retro texture that will add a touch of ladylike glamour to any spring wardrobe. But to avoid looking like you’re going to the ball, consider pairing your pleats with your favorite luxury basics (i.e. sweatshirts and tees) to balance the fancy.


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