The pajamas for daytime trend hit us full on this last summer and like the devotees to luxurious comfort that we are — we’re all in for the bathrobe coat. Think: over-sized, deep front pockets, and a long belt to tie in a knot. Subtract the terry cotton and insert some wool and you have a winter winner to get you to spring.

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‘Battling the winter’ might be an exaggeration, however, we’ve never shied away from a well-purposed hyperbole. We spotted army green on the streets of Aarhus and couldn’t help ourselves to think a classic military color might make us a bit braver when entering the winter war. Temperatures may fall, but we will not — we can thank army green for that.

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A favorite of spring, summer, and fall — now, we more than ever welcome a winter version of the classic trench. Woolen versions have been popping up here and there, but can we agree that this one stands out more than the rest? We might be biased, as the wearer is donning none other than SELECTED FEMME, but proof in the classic with a side-serving of edge outfit leaves us feeling affirmed.

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